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About Us


About Mischief Made

Pinup, Tattoo, Halloween and Novelty Kitschy vintage-inspired styles from the ’40s,’50s and ‘60s for all you mischief makers.

From Tokyo to California to wherever you are around the world,

I want to bring Mischief Made to you.


About me

I started making clothing when I was 7 years old, for my dolls.

In high school I did a fashion show with friends and started to get serious and decided to study fashion.

After graduating from fashion academy, I worked at a rockabilly shop for 4 years.I went to many rockabilly events and fell in love with the music, clothing and culture. Also my senpai taught me a lot. 

Around that time I started my own brand in Tokyo,

while working as a pattern marker.


After I moved to LA,  2011 I started to make T-shirts.

Then, afterwards, I started to focus on drawing..