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Shipping Info

 1-5 business days processing time
For International Shipping Customers
I’d like to confirm this before you make an order :
If you don't receive your package in 3 months (after you make your order), or for some reason your package is returned to our place, I’ll refund it. 
** CANADA shipping - We currently do not ship to Canada. Please visit Vintage Romance website to purchase and pre-order.
Please contact Linda, for more information.
International shipping
Please be sure your address is correct. Please also allow 15-30 days delivery time in most countries.
Most items are shipped US First Class Mail Including international customers. In some cases the item will be shipped US priority mail.

We use the cheapest International shipping method to give my customers the cheapest shipping possible.
The cheapest USPS tracking is unavailable in your country.
If you want to allow tracking in your country, it will cost $48.

Our address :

Mischief Made
1804 Middlebrook Rd
Torrance, CA 90501 USA

- Tracking Services are not available in some countries.
- Please be aware that many countries impose a customs tax or some sort of duty tax on incoming freight and packages. We are not responsible and cannot be held accountable for these costs.
- Please allow a reasonable amount of time for delivery. It is not unusual for International orders to take several weeks.

-Delinquent Bros items are can't ship to Japan and China / 
Delinquent Bros  商品は日本と中国への発送を行なっておりません。